School of Media, Pearl Academy to Host ‘What’s Next in Digital Entertainment’ Confluence on 15 March

• A Hyperstorm Style Conflux of Educators, Industry Experts and the Next Generation from the Media and Entertainment Sector

New Delhi, India, March 12, 2019 :  Prominent media speakers from FICCI, VOOT, Filmfare magazine, Network 18 among others, are coming together to discuss – ‘What’s Next in Digital Entertainment,’ Pearl Academy’s niche media, communication and entertainment confluence that intends to bring to sharp focus the power of Digital Entertainment in effecting a virtual communication revolution.

As a distinct part of its uncompromising objective to effect a paradigm shift in the existing scope of the media and communication universe, the conflux is bringing under one-roof foremost thinkers and practitioners in the field of Digital Entertainment. The primary aim of this event is to identify ideas and trends that have succeeded in changing the rules of Digital Entertainment. The event is slated to be held at the Waterstones Hotel in Mumbai.

The confluence aims identify the skill gaps between media education and media, how to bring about the best business practices and learning methodologies on the table to bridge those gaps and thereby effectively crafting a future roadmap based on present learnings.

The confluence will emphasize on three primary aspects of digital entertainment:

  • Future of Entertainment Content in the Digital Age.
  • New Business Models in Digital Entertainment.
  • Bridging Skill Gaps and Talent Grooming for the Digital Age

Starting the confluence with a keynote panel discussion, What’s Next in Digital Entertainment will follow the ‘Hyperstorm Model’ of deliberations. Besides being participative and democratic, the format ensures the uniform and distributed coverage of the issue, concerned. The Hyperstorm will have 24 speakers who will bring forward their thoughts on aforementioned three primary aspects in digital entertainment.

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