You will definitely love these 3 use cases of Chatbots

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain

• With the advent of chatbots, businesses have opened up new dimensions of technological disruption. Know more with these smart chatbot use cases.

This fact might leave you in shock. The chatbot was first created in the year 1966! Though the chatbot lacked ‘real intelligence’ for interacting with humans, it a breathtaking innovation, back then. With the growth of the underlying technology of chatbots, its ability to interact with us became more empathetic, crisp, and informative. It is quite impressive to see how we have cut down on human interaction while maximizing the use of chatbots. There are many chatbot use cases out now that we use in our daily activities. From booking flights tickets to ordering foods to making an online payment to scheduling appointments to obtaining weather information, are just a few of many chatbot use cases, to be specific. We, as customers, love to interact with chatbots, since it provides us with the necessary assistance in no time. On the other hand, chatbots are potentially becoming organizations’ favorite tech due to their endless energy to work without getting tired. It is believed that, by the end of 2020, AI will power 85% of customer interactions. That’s incredible, right?

1. Finding your better half

In this busy world, most of us do not have enough time for our personal lives. Busy with work and family, we hardly have the time to find our soulmate. But, most of us want that special person in our lives, with whom we can share the highs and lows of our existence. You will not believe the fact that technology has reached a level where it now assists you to find your perfect match. If you are thinking of apps that are already available, allowing us to swipe ‘right’ or ‘left,’ then you are greatly mistaken. We are talking about chatbots assisting us to find our love. By gauging your sentiments, interests, preferences, location, and behavior, chatbots will suggest you a list of potential matches. When you make a choice, the dating chatbot allows you to initiate a conversation with them, until you would like to take it further. Think Netflix’s “Hang the DJ” episode.

2. Getting customized news flashes

Chatbots are now changing the way we get our morning news briefs altogether. Curious to know how? Now, chatbots can help us to get the most breaking news and moments of any topic in a customized manner. Behemoth media organizations, like CNN, have introduced their chatbots on Facebook, to provide personalized news content to its users.

3. Tackling your depression

Dealing with depression is terrifying. Failing in exams, experiencing a significant loss in business, breaking up with your partner, getting abused by your seniors at the workplace, and many more such heartbreaking instances might shake your mental peace. Did you know, one in fifteen people in the US suffer from depression? If not treated at the right time, depression can lead to life-threatening consequences. Some might hesitate to visit a therapist, while some others may not be able to afford the therapists. Chatbots, now, are increasingly becoming the new ‘therapists.’ Powered by AI, DL, NLP, chatbots can have a conversation with people suffering from depression. The chatbots can gauge our sentiments, analyze our mood, and understand our problems. Accordingly, chatbots can then recommend us with care solutions appropriate to our problem. For example, if you are going through a mental breakdown, a chatbot may suggest you try specific meditation exercises.

The new wave of technological innovation is attracting several eyeballs, compelling businesses to adopt chatbots for conversational commerce. But, this blog post simply enlightens the reader with the fact that chatbots are not only innovating companies but also transforming our personal lives completely.

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