What is Artificial Intelligence doing in the music industry?

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

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• AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the music industry is offering automation in music composition. AI is helping composers record songs economically and is offering curated music to listeners

We already know how AI has been creating a lot of buzz in the tech space for quite a while now. The technology is increasingly becoming every industry’s choice due to its ability to automate services, innovate workflows, and ease responsibilities. The introduction of AI in the music industry too is grounded for similar reasons. While it may sound sci-fi, the reality is that we have machines creating songs, robots playing music, and AI writing song lyrics. The practice of using AI in the music industry is not new. The music industry has been leveraging AI since the year 1951. Yes, you read that correct – 1951!

The inception of AI in the music industry

It might be hard for us to believe that AI had already seeped into the music industry in the middle of the 20th Century. In 1951, a computer scientist, Alan Turing, recorded computer-generated melodies. The recording, which was filled with a lot of disturbances, has finally been restored. You can hear the first machine-made music here.

The potential of AI in music

Through the reinforcement learning approach, AI trains itself to analyze different types of compositions. By continuously learning, the technology can extract the characteristics and the thesis of music entirely. The final AI model is then created, having the capability to compose altogether different, innovative, and unique musical pieces. Sounds cool, right? But the next AI application in the music industry will blow your mind – AI can write song lyrics too. By training the AI model with a considerable amount and type of dataset containing random lyrics and music compositions, we can obtain AI that independently generates lyrics.

Recording a song is expensive. AI helps artists record music inexpensively. We have AI apps that record music, assisting independent artists in recording their music.

Another area where AI can showcase its talent is music marketing. AI can help marketers to obtain critical information on how to effectively sell a music album to the listeners. By analyzing the behavioral pattern of listeners, AI can gauge the sentiments of users and recommend them songs based on their interests.

The development of AI in music

The level of AI sophistication in the music industry has reached a place where we now see robots entering the mainstream music industry. We know that the potential of AI is assisting humans in the creation of audio content. But, AI is here to replace artists altogether. Did you know, robots can not only create original musical pieces but also play the music? Cool, right? In the future, we might see robots performing on stage along with musicians and artists.

Ten years back, we never thought that AI will innovate the industry to an extent it is doing now. Similarly, we do not know what technological disruption AI will bring ten years from now. As far as AI does not cause any harm to the jobs of artists and musicians, let’s wait for AI to take charge.

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