This is why we can’t trust digital assistants..!

• No doubt, digital assistants add comfort to our lives. But, incidents around privacy breaches force us to rethink whether our decision of trusting a digital assistant is right or wrong.

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin.

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain.

Nearly half the American population has fallen in love with digital assistants. It is cool, and at the same time fun, to speak to our smartphones or computers. This fantastic invention has the potential to send text messages, book appointments, call a friend, head to-do lists, on our behalf. Hence, we see a large number of Americans using and enjoying the benefits of digital assistants altogether. But, this incredible application of AI has created significant privacy and security risks, too. As digital assistants hold our sensitive data, there are risks associated with our data getting misused. Apart from this issue, several other concerns leave us with a question: Is trusting a digital assistant hazardous?

Is trusting a digital assistant risky?

While the integrated microphone is always on, manufacturers say that digital assistants do not trigger until we mention the required activation keyword. For example, the activation keyword for Google is “Ok Google.” But, as theese digital assistants are actively listening to us, there are chances that these assistants mishear the keyword and take unnecessary steps. Besides, digital assistants cannot a 100% correctly identify the voice of its owner. Hence, anyone can trigger the assistant with its activation keyword. In this way, illegal users can trigger our digital assistant to get sensitive information about us. Another way hackers can get information about us is through audio. For example, audio sources, such as radio, TV, or recordings, can activate the digital assistant easily. Hackers who already know that the assistant is in proximity can use these sources to order any product or make unwanted changes to the set event. There already have been real incidents around this. Alexa misheard its name and ordered dollhouses for a girl. In another incident, Alexa accidently recorded a family conversation and sent it to a friend. In other news, IBM banned SIRI, because the company fears that the digital assistant will listen to all sensitive data, creating privacy risks. Truly, trusting a digital assistant is going to take a whole lot of cajoling.

How can we protect ourselves?

  • By now we know that digital assistants can cause serious privacy issues, but by following the below-mentioned steps, we can secure ourselves to some extent. Always be aware of the accounts you link to the digital assistants. If you are running a business, then you should avoid linking the business account, much like IBM.
  • Ensure that the password for your account is strong and that it enables a two-way authentication for high security.
  • Switch off the device when not in use, so that burglars do not attempt to command your digital assistant.
  • Do not say your personal and sensitive information out loud.

No doubt, technologies provide countless benefits, providing comfort and convenience to our lives. But it is important that we consider the security issues and follow the steps mentioned above to protect ourselves.

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