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by Prasad Tataverty – Founder  & Director , The Sales Talent & Renascence Talent Solutions

Taking a decision to become an entrepreneur is never easy, but when you have faced the problems you wish to solve, the transition becomes more convincing and firm. That is how I started Renascence Talent Solutions in June 2016, a boutique search firm identifying top Leadership and Sales talent globally for Fortune 500 clients. I had a good start and did first half a crore business with no office and no employees on board. Soon enough we realized that most organizations globally are facing huge churn in Sales & Marketing functions and one of the key reasons being 70% organizations hire Sales professionals based on gut feel (based on experience and success in the past role). This is leading to professionals failing to perform.

We all agree that your Sales & Marketing department are key for your companies Business Growth. Having said that, it is imperative to find the top Sales & Marketing Talent who can drive this for your organization.

Though it may sound easy to hire Sales/Marketing Talent, but 90% of the recruiters agree that it’s the most difficult skill to hire for because the time you have to spend in identifying them and accessing them, is huge and what if you are responsible to hire Sales/Marketing Talent globally for your organization, it’s even more tougher to reach the right sales guys?

Sales Talent has been rated in top 5 most difficult skills to hire for over a decade now. This is the second most in-demand job, and unsurprisingly so. Most businesses are about selling stuff, and with the economy doing well, they need people to help make those transactions happen. – Global News, Canada

Approximately 90 percent of hiring managers surveyed report it is becoming more challenging to recruit and hire enterprise sales professionals, with 57 percent saying it has become even more difficult over the past 18 months. – Recruiter.com

25.8% of founders said that the hardest executive hire they made in was for a sales leader –
LinkedIn on Startups

The Bay Area currently has more than 3500 unfilled software sales jobs on Indeed, second only to NYC at 4300 – similar ratios can be found on Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

CareerBuilder has announced that 30% of businesses across all industries and sectors have added new full-time sales positions, up from five years ago. This is also 6% higher than other types of jobs, making sales one of the fastest growing, most needed skills.

To solve the gap of identifying Sales & Marketing professionals globally, we launched the Career Portal,  “http://www.thesalestalent.com/” exclusively for Sales & Marketing professionals. Within a span of one month we could have 32 clients come on board and we had more than 6000 plus clicks and 250+ registered user now. Through Renascence Talent Solutions and The Sales Talent we currently serve more than 50 plus clients in 6 countries.

The Sales Talent touches upon all key elements that contributes to the growth of a Sales or Marketing professional like Job, Learning, networking, attending events/tradeshows/conferences, having a mentor, industry view-points etc.

Jobs – We are a Global Sales & Marketing jobs aggregator.

Learning – Our Self Development Sales Learning platform allows you to choose the most suitable professional courses provided by Universities, colleges and by professional bodies globally, which will help you I professional growth and learning.

Networking – We understand that networking is key for Sales/Marketing Professionals and our Sales Network platform allows Sales/Marketing professionals to create Groups and Pages and connect with fellow professionals globally to share content, knowledge, industry viewpoints, learn new skills.

Events/Tradeshows/Conferences – You as an individual or an organization can participate in Global Sales/Marketing events, Conferences and Trade Shows through our site.

We provide pre-qualified Sales/Marketing talent to companies opting for our premium services. Every candidate who registers with us goes through 5 step screening process which includes CV Screening, Sales Assessment Test, Video Resume, Social Profiling and AI driven sourcing tool.

Video Resume – Our Video Interview with Chatbot facility will help you interact with candidates on real time basis.

Campus Connect –  Not only this, you can also hire fresh B School Talent ready for our Sales/Marketing role from Tier I & Tier II, college’s globally through our Campus Connect platform.

In version 2.0 we will be adding personality reports through video interviews, predictive analytics around success, productivity, retention, accept of offer by candidates etc.

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