The nexus between employer branding and successful digital transformation

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain

Attaining employer branding in the age of digital transformation is crucial for an organization to acquire better employees and to open opportunities for various business prospects in the economy with a well-known name.

Job seekers, these days, look not only for the financial aspects of an employment opportunity but also consider factors like the work environment, office culture, and the scope for progress a company offers them. While conditions in large-sized enterprises offer all these facilities to a new applicant, mid-sized enterprises (MSEs) must pay special attention to their employer branding in the age of digital transformation. Doing this can help them gain an edge on large-sized enterprises, bridging their talent gap.

Building employer branding in the age of digital transformation

In an age where the ethics and culture of a company matter as much as the name, employer branding in mid-sized enterprises can be achieved with the following methods:

  • The management, functioning, and the decision-making styles of an organization should reflect a healthy work culture. A flat hierarchical approach that allows for
  • Smooth communication routes between people on all levels of the hierarchy
  • Inclusive team bonding activities that build up the collaboration within and among various teams of the company
  • An intimate and supportive work culture that allows flexibility for employers and helps maintain a healthy work-life balance can contribute in making an attractive work culture that will boost an employer brand in the market
  • An MSE can build their brand by engaging socially in various local events. Activities like
  • Investing in charity
  • Seeking local presence through offline print and digital media
  • Participating in contests
  • Organizing fairs to showcase their and other innovative companies nearby
  • can help a company expose their ethics and values as a part of their community. Social media presence is another way in which employer branding can be achieved to keep up with the digital trends. Creating a compelling social media base is a necessity in the digital age today. Companies can register themselves on such platforms to reach out to a broader audience via the Internet. Social media also includes the registering of MSEs in online networking communities like LinkedIn and Facebook that serve a dual purpose of customer engagement and self-branding.
  • Employers can also request their employees to personally engage on the company’s front on influential media platforms like Twitter, company or personal blogs, articles in magazines or through conferences and presentations. This adds credibility to the company’s claims of having a healthy workplace.
  • An organization can further increase its branding by opening their platforms for amateurs to develop and work on. Declaring platforms as open can be a little challenging, but the insights and development that programmers other than the company employees add to it might help popularize an organization and its product in the market. It not only helps the company grow commercially but also reflects a sharing and innovation-friendly culture of the enterprise.

An enterprise’s branding may seem like a slow process, but it is a steady one. While the effects may not be visible initially, keeping up at it will affect the company in the later years. CIOs can move on to the next level of branding by collaborating with regional MSEs for developing into a large-sized enterprise along with keeping up with the digital transformation.

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