Singing App Spotlite rewarding real music lovers

NEW DELHI, IndiaJune 1, 2018 : Spotlite, the most popular social singing app catering to global youth, is onboarding music lovers and singers by providing cash rewards as well as a free hot-song pool.

Elena Yue, Spotlite’s operations manager in charge of a campaign called “Spotlite Idol”, said the product has prepared prizes of over one million US dollars for talents and passionate singers who are attending the ongoing in-app activities where the app has garnered more than two million registered users.

“Spotlite Idol” measures a singer’s in-app popularity by the number of playbacks their works get. The more playbacks one receives, the more rewards one can win. For people interested in music yet not good at singing themselves, they can also get recognized by Spotlite Idol financially if they can discover and invite music talents to become Spotliters. People winning big at the end will have the opportunity to be chosen as Spotlite’s ambassadors in their region.

Singers or not, as long as one loves music, Spotlite is a shared community.

On top of the campaign, Spotlite attracts people because it is a friendly singing tool with millions of free songs available for all users equally. The company is associated with global music giants and labels including Universal Music, Sony/ATV, EMI, Warner/Chapple, BMG, Bollywood, and TIMES.

The software is also a social networking place for people into music. Spotliters can interact with their fans in the app by chatting and singing together. They can also live stream for their listeners anytime.

Listeners can also communicate when enjoying the same recorded work or live show. Comments sent will be presented on screen immediately for other listeners to see, which is a fancy feature called “bullet screen”.

On the features front, Spotlite is the first app with a full-screen display and outstanding image sharpness.

Spotlite was first launched in the U.S. market in September 2017. It attracted millions of users in only one month. In November, it ranked among the top ten US free music app list. Spotlite entered MexicoArgentinaColombia, and other Spanish-speaking countries one month later.

The app has witnessed an even greater use growth. Over one million Indians have downloaded the app.

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