Shedding light on 5 myths about Virtual Reality (VR)

• Although the technology has been well-received and widely adopted among the tech community, misinformation and myths about VR have led to undue caution, and have consequently slowed its mainstream adoption.

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

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Despite the ever so rapid emergence of new VR-based applications and businesses in the recent years, a majority of organizations have been cautious in adopting the technology. The uncertainty is understandable, given the amount of differing views and myths about VR that are prevalent in the mainstream communities. However, some businesses have realized the value of using VR applications, and are already plotting the potential areas of application. Businesses aiming to capitalize on VR to gain a competitive advantage over their peers must first separate the facts from the myths and see the technology for what it truly is. Following are five myths surrounding VR that both businesses and tech-lovers must be aware of.

5 myths about VR explained

1.   VR is only for gaming and entertainment

While VR has been mainly popularized as a way of experiencing games and movies, it can add value to businesses and enrich people’s lives in many other ways as well. Organizations in various industries from retail to healthcare are experimenting with VR to solve problems and improve processes. The use of VR in educational institutions is just one among numerous cases where the technology is adding value and improving the way things are done. Although the potential for VR in gaming and entertainment is huge, it can equal or exceed the impact on other industries as well.

2.   VR technology is expensive and inaccessible

Among the biggest concerns in the minds of prospective VR users and content creators is the perceived inaccessibility due to a high price of the technology. However, although high-end, expensive brands of headsets do exist, numerous brands of VR headsets are also available at reasonable prices. With time, the prices are bound to drop further as the technology becomes more widely used by people, and for more than just entertainment.

3.   VR causes nausea and motion sickness

VR experiences can be extremely immersive and can cause a slight sense of disorientation under certain circumstances. However, as the technology is continuously evolving, newer versions of VR headsets are equipped with measures to eliminate the nauseating effect of VR. In addition to the development of new measures to prevent VR-induced motion-sickness, the increasing resolution and image quality produced by VR headsets is also minimizing any chances of users feeling dizzy.

4.   VR will make people lazier and unhealthier

The accusation of making people unhealthy has been hurled at every new technology that has emerged in the recent years. The truth, in contrast to the myth about VR making people lazy, is that the most immersive and the most enjoyable applications of VR are the ones that require physical activity. In fact, people can use VR for playing fitness games to improve their health and stay fit in an engaging manne, which is easier than using the traditional methods of working out.

5.   VR is a novelty and a passing fad

Contrary to the mainstream perception regarding VR being a radically new technology, it has been under development for years now. Also, the exceedingly positive reception of the technology among the tech and the gaming community suggests that VR is here to stay and will be a part of numerous future applications.

Keeping abreast with developments in the technology will enable organizations planning on using it to stay clear of the myths about VR. Businesses should realize the potential impact of this technology and plan use cases to leverage its functionality as well as its fascination among the general public. As the technology is certain to become mainstream and ubiquitous eventually, incorporating the technology early can give businesses a head start in the race for success.

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