RDP enables Digital India with powerful yet affordable Computing Devices

India is on a journey of digital transformation and RDP, one of India’s leading IT hardware & mobility manufacturing company, along with 170+ partners, is helping the country by creating an innovative devices such as Thin Clients, laptops, Thin Books, Mini PC’s, Desktop PC’s , All-in-one PC’s … that provides powerful yet affordable computing to the largest segments of our populace.

In an interview with  Technology For You, Vikram Redlapalli, Founder and CEO of RDP explains about RDP’s  affordable and innovative low-cost Computing Devices.

About RDP & Products range …

RDP, was founded in January 2012 with a mission to provide simplified, affordable computing solutions. RDP entered into mobility in 2016 by launching India’s most affordable Laptop  at a price range starting from Rs. 9,999.

The product line comprises of a wide range of Laptops, Tablets, Thin Clients, Mini PC’s, plug PC’s & commercial Desktop PC’s, equipped with highest commercial grade components offering the premium features and functionalities required to address increasingly varied computing needs of users. RDP has developed a strategic association with major players like Microsoft, Intel, WPG and developed a robust ecosystem. With over 1,00,000+ clients in India and abroad, RDP has the experience, resources and the technological expertise to help organizations succeed in computing needs.

With more than 16 years experience in IT industry, Vikram Redlapalli, CEO, RDP, has been working passionately to make RDP the most promising brand in the cost conscious computing segment across the globe.

RDP has successfully worked towards the digital transformation and implementation of new strategies along with evaluation and application of new Systems & IT to cater to market needs. RDP has also strengthened its retail presence for a deeper reach into the consumer. Many changes have been made in the product management process and new product road maps to take care of customer feedback and inputs.

RDP – Computing Simplified : 

Talking about RDP’s commitment towards Digital India,Vikram Redlapalli, Founder & CEO, RDP Workstations Pvt. Ltd., said, “At RDP, we believe in creating devices that help businesses increase their efficiency and widen their market. Our partnership with Intel, Microsoft & WPG, will help us bring in more devices that are affordable and easily accessible.

India is at the cusp of a Digital revolution and there is a huge demand for affordable Computing devices. So we at RDP is truly committed to the Indian market and focuses on three key pillars i.e. powerful yet affordable computing for the masses; bringing choice to the market through innovative form factors; securing the consumers digitally and in turn, empowering every person and organization to achieve more.

Vikram said that, RDP showcased a wide range of Computing devices. The devices spanned various form factors and price points starting from Rs. 9,999/- which included Thin Clients, laptops, ThinBooks, Mini PC’s, Desktop PC’s, All-in-one PC’s …etc. At RDP we are working to empower students, small & medium-sized entrepreneurs and households with powerful, secure yet affordable Windows 10 devices that allow them to be productive and achieve more.

Vikram said that, ThinBook, it’s an entry-level laptop where you can multitask and operate seamlessly with an enhanced user experience, The ThinBook laptops comes with a sleek body and a metallic grey finish, this 14.1-inch device  perfect for travel, work, vacation, and even as an entertainment tool. The powerful  battery gives power backup up to 10 hours. The real advantage is the performance, size and weight which is the thinnest, lightest and longest-serving laptop packed with powerful Intel  Quad Core Processor and comes with a pre loaded Windows 10 OS. An inbuilt RAM of 2GB and a storage capacity of 32GB  make this laptop stand out in the crowd. He further added that, for all  our RDP Computing Devices, target customers are First-time Laptop buyers, Students, Colleges, Startups, Techies, Professional, Universities, Institutions, Small and Medium sized enterprises…etc.

RDP Association with Intel , Microsoft & WPG :

Thin Clients, ThinBooks, Mini PC’s, Desktop PC’s & All-in-one PC’s are equipped with Intel processors and preloaded with windows software. The tie-up with Intel and Microsoft was an important milestone for the company which qualified them to serve customer with genuine products. RDP is always looking for more associations to offer better services to their customers.

WPG who is the No.1 Global Semiconductor Distributor and the largest electronics distributor in Asia has been appointed as RDP’s national distributor for cost-effective laptops. Distribution and manufacturing go side by side and RDP is working very closely with WPG to enhance their distribution capabilities. This association brings a lot of momentum to RDP, and can reach out to a greater population.

170 + Service Centers across India :

To address all kind of customer related issues RDP has set up multiple authorized service centers all over India for handling the warranty support for Laptops and Tablets. RDP has 170+ service centers spread across India. RDP has a dedicated support number 040 – 4816 1111 to give unconditional support to all types of queries and concerns. RDP has appointed WPG as a national distributor for cost effective laptops. The decision has been taken, keeping customer demand in mind; channelize expansion and PAN India reach to the customers. WPG is No.1 Global Semiconductor Distributor and the largest electronics distributor in Asia with a very renowned and established name in IT distribution with 29 branch offices across India.

Future Plans :

• RDP in the coming few months is working on increasing their offline retail presence.

• Currently 170+ partners are carrying RDP devices in their stores. This number is expected to increase to 1000+ offline retail partners by end of this year.

• Exporting RDP devices to other countries is going to increase as the company is closing the deal with a certified company, thus extending the brand to a wider global reach.

• Addition of few more ‘Value Segment’ SKU’s (Celeron / Pentium) is in process and will be completed in the mid of second quarter (FY 2018-19).

About Vikram Redlapalli, Founder-CEO, RDP :

Vikram is a post graduate in Computer Sciences from Sree Krishnadevaraya University. With more than 16 years experience in his industry, Vikram founded RDP in the year 2012. A young entrepreneur with a passion to make RDP the most promising brand in the low cost computing segment across the globe, Vikram believes in keeping his customers delighted and creating a value out of it. He has proved himself as a successful  strategist, tactician and maintain consistent record of delivering good results in growth expansion of RDP. He is a skilled communicator with exceptional presentation skills and abilities in forging business partnerships in global markets, leading cross-functional teams and establish beneficial relationships with key players in the industry all over the world.

With more than 16 years experience in IT industry, I founded RDP in the year 2012 with a passion to make RDP the most promising brand in the low-cost computing segment. Our RDP Slogan is “Computing Simplified”. So far I had a great journey with RDP, we made a strong presence in this Hardware & Mobility segment.

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