Program on Blockchain Technology – Opportunities & Challenges for Education on 28th August, 2018

Program on Blockchain Technology–Opportunities & Challenges for Education
on 28th August, 2018 at 3.30 p.m. at FTAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

Blockchain technology can be applied to education in many innovative ways beyond just diploma management and achievements assessment. For both learners and teachers, blockchain technology has a great potential for broader application prospects on formative evaluation, learning activities design and implementation, and keep tracking the whole learning processes.   Blockchain technology can foster students’ learning motivation. It can store a complete, trustworthy set of record of educational activities including the processes and results in formal as well as informal learning environments. It can also record teachers’ teaching behaviors and performance thus providing a reference for teaching evaluation. In a word, for both learners and teachers, blockchain has great potential applications in instructional design, behaviors recording, and analysis as well as formative evaluation. At the same time, it brings challenges and opportunities to researchers, developers, and educators.

To sensitize and create awareness, FTAPCCI is organizing a Program on Blockchain Technology– Opportunities & Challenges for Education on 28th August, 2018 at 3.30 p.m. at FTAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

The objective of this program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain technology by focusing on how to make best use of the opportunities, and benefit from the innovative applications and disruption that this technology brings along, apart from addressing the implementation challenges.  This event will bring together professionals from emerging and established private sector players to discuss opportunities and risks that this technological revolution presents in terms of its possible applications in the Education sector.

There is no participation fee. Prior Registration is compulsory.

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