Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 56th annual convocation ceremony at IIT-Bombay

Mumbai, August 11, 2018  :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed the 56th annual convocation ceremony at IIT-Bombay and said that the success of the IITs led to the creation of numerous engineering colleges around the country. These colleges were inspired by IITs, and this led to India becoming one of the world’s largest pools of technical manpower, Modi said.

The Prime Minister said that, the nation is proud of the IITs, and what IIT graduates have achieved. The success of the IITs led to the creation of several engineering colleges around the country. They were inspired by the IITs, and this led to India becoming one of the world’s largest pools of technical manpower. The IITs have built Brand India globally. And they did it over the years. IIT graduates went to America and excelled there: first as students in Universities and then as technology experts, entrepreneurs, executives and in academics.

It was a large number of IIT students who built the IT sector in India, brick by brick..or I should say, click by click. Earlier Indians with the IT sector were considered hard working and intelligent – but mainly in other nations, mainly in the US. Now India has become the destination for IT development. And today, IIT graduates are at the forefront of some of the best start-ups in India. These are start-ups that are also at the forefront of solving so many national problems. To those working in the start-up movement or are planning to start one after College, please do remember that the biggest corporations of today were start-ups of yesterday. They were the result of idealism combined with hard-work and diligence. Keep at it, do not give up, and you will succeed.

The Prime Minister said that, you are fortunate to have lived in a campus like this, in a city like Mumbai. You have a lake on one side, and the hills too. Occasionally, you share your campus with crocodiles and leopards. It is still August, but I am sure the mood is indigo today! I am sure the last four years were a wonderful learning experience for you all. There is so much to look back and remember the college festivals, inter hostel sports, student-faculty associations. Did I mention some studies as well? You have received what can be called the best that our education system has to offer. Students here represent the diversity of India. From different states, speaking different languages, from different backgrounds, you merge here in pursuit of knowledge and learning. Innovations and Enterprise are going to be the foundation stone for making India a developed economy. A long term sustainable technology-led economic growth is possible on this foundation.

The Prime Minister said that, Innovation is the buzzword of the 21st century. Any society that does not innovate will stagnate. That India is a emerging as a hub for start-ups shows that the thrust for innovation is very much there. We must build on this further and make India the most attractive destination for innovation and enterprise. And, this will not happen through Government efforts alone. It will happen through youngsters like you. The best ideas do not come in Government buildings or in fancy offices. They come in campuses like yours, in the minds of youngsters like you.

My appeal to you and many other youngsters like you is: Innovate in India, Innovate for humanity.

From mitigating climate change to ensuring better agricultural productivity, From cleaner energy to water conservation, From combating malnutrition to effective waste management. Let us affirm that the best ideas will come from Indian laboratories and from Indian students. On our part, we are doing everything possible to foster a spirit of research and innovation in India.

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