Philips announces strategic initiative to improve more lives through better sleep at CES 2019

Strategic alliances expanding Smart Sleep suite of solutions aim to address approximately 80 percent of all sleep issues

Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, today announced at CES 2019 the expansion of its Smart Sleep suite of solutions in North America.  Driven by Philips’ commitment to improving lives and health through better sleep and building on success of the Smart Sleep Deep Sleep Headband technology introduced at CES 2018, the growing Smart Sleep product portfolio aims to provide consumers with a breadth of solutions that can address sleep issues from insomnia to snoring to simply not getting enough quality sleep. To enhance the Smart Sleep suite of consumer solutions, Philips also is working alongside a growing list of trusted like-minded brands that also place value in clinical expertise, preventative health, and evidence-based care.

Sleep deprivation is recognized as a population health issue by the clinical community. Nearly 40 percent of individuals in the US alone report difficulty in maintaining a sufficient amount of sleep consistently, while 47 percent have expressed a desire to improve sleep quality. Using nearly 40 years of deep clinical expertise in sleep technology and the knowledge from partners, Philips is aiming to make better sleep accessible for everyone.

John Frank, Business Leader, Sleep and Respiratory Care at Philips Said, By expanding our suite of consumer sleep solutions and teaming up with other like-minded companies who prioritize preventative health, we can help people realize the true power of their sleep.

“At Philips, we believe there is always a way to help people achieve balanced, energetic and healthy lives,” said John Frank, Business Leader, Sleep and Respiratory Care at Philips. “Just like food, water and air, sleep is essential for survival, and yet it is often the first health pillar to be compromised. By expanding our suite of consumer sleep solutions and teaming up with other like-minded companies who prioritize preventative health, we can help people realize the true power of their sleep.”

At CES 2019, Philips announced several strategic alliances which support the company’s commitment to help people sleep better. These relationships will help to create awareness of sleep issues, provide education and coaching services, and offer simple diagnostic tools and sleep management solutions. These trusted allies include:

  • American Sleep Association: Working closely with one of the most nationally recognized consumer leaders in sleep information, Philips aims to help educate a broader range of consumers about healthy sleep solutions for their sleep challenges.
  • American Well: Philips is extending its partnership with American Well into the sleep category, enabling tele health support for consumers who are looking for convenient access to a sleep physician on demand. The next phase of this global partnership creates an opportunity to provide convenient access to sleep expertise for individuals searching for ways to improve their sleep. Philips and American Well will work together to connect people directly to physicians and solutions alike to help them improve their sleep and, ultimately, their lives.
  • SleepRate: Philips has partnered with Sleep
  • Rate, developers of a cognitive behavioral therapy-based mobile app, to introduce the Smart Sleep Better Sleep Program that retrains people to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep, with sustainable results. 
  • WebMD: Working with WebMD, Philips aims to heighten the health focus on sleep by reaching more consumers with educational and insight and guidance, and providing the most up-to-date and valuable information to understand sleep and get more out of it.

Philips Smart Sleep suite of solutions includes a mix of existing and new solutions, introduced for the first time at CES, including: Smart Sleep Snoring Relief Band, Smart Sleep Better Sleep Program, Smart Sleep Analyzer, Smart Sleep Deep Sleep Headband, and Smart Sleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light (Somneo Connected).

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