Notebooks Heading Beyond Computing : Redefining Experience of Movie Watching

• Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Rashi Peripherals, highlights the all-new trend of Movie Notebooks and its growth potentials in India.

MUMBAIMay 3, 2018  :  The advent of high-speed low-cost Internet and emergence of video streaming and OTT players have drastically changed the way one accesses digital content. The demand for best-quality personalized and segmented content has prompted millennials to look beyond traditional means such as TV and smartphones. As a result, technology-savvy customers in India are showing preference for multi-utility Notebooks that are specially designed to provide a better cinematic experience without compromising on performance. Though relatively new, the trend of Movie Notebooks is creating a lot of buzz in India and is set to revolutionize the way one watches movies and videos.

New Wave of Multi-utility Notebooks :   Notebooks no more remain only a computing device and are emerging as the all-in-one entertainment gadget. The utility of Notebooks is rapidly moving from computing to gaming and now video streaming. This trend is already prominent in the US, where majority of the population watch movies and videos on their Notebooks. Though the concept of Movie Notebooks is budding in India, the availability of high-speed Internet at affordable tariff plans will fuel the demand for high-end Movie Notebooks, especially from metros. Tech-savvy consumers, especially youngsters and high-earning class are making a switch to premium, thin and light-weight Notebooks. This is going to be the big shift towards next level of consumption of technology in the next 3-5 years.

Movie Notebooks to Surge  :  Gone are the days when the family would sit together to watch television or they would have 2-3 television sets in the house. As the preference for segmented content is rising with multiple video streaming platforms offering the OTT content at affordable plans, people are inclining towards Movie Notebooks. Today, buying a laptop is relatively affordable rather than buying a television for every family member from a utility and multi-tasking point of view. Similarly, as Movie Notebooks are packed with high-end features such as highest resolution displays, Killer Wi-Fi and SmartByte channels, better sound output and best-in-class technology, it is more value for money option for consumers. Although the utility of television will remain among the masses, the Movie Notebooks are expected to increase its share of the pie in the near future.

Video Streaming to Fuel Demand for Movie Notebooks   :  The video streaming business in India has seen a surge in the last few years. As the concept of video-on-demand is becoming popular in the country, platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are betting big on the potentials in the rapidly growing market. This trend has also prompted laptop manufacturers to bring high-end Notebooks with movie features. In fact, considering the huge growth potential in this budding business, prominent PC manufacturers have launched an entire series of Notebooks, especially meant for watching movies and videos.

Future Growth Potentials   :  India being a hub of one of the world’s largest film industry, there is a humongous opportunity for laptop manufacturers to target the Indian movie industry. With the improving telecom infrastructure, people are now using high-speed 4G bandwidth for Internet consumption beyond surfing and chatting. Therefore, laptop manufacturers should start looking at Notebooks as a medium for entertainment apart from computing and try to bring innovations in the area of display resolution, sound quality, power, and performance.

“As the digital movie trend is catching up in a very big way, people having Movie Notebooks with video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix and telecom operatives providing high-speed bandwidth at a meniscal cost, I think this is set to be a very big ecosystem in India in the next 5 years. In fact, the Notebook business will see a revolution due to Bollywood,” said Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Rashi Peripherals. 

About Mr. Rajesh Goenka  : 

Mr. Rajesh Goenka is responsible for formulating and driving the overall business operations and lead value-added programs at Rashi Peripherals. An Engineering and Management graduate, Mr. Goenka is a proven leader with a profound proficiency in building outstanding teams for execution of successful long-term business strategy. A True Leader & Marketer in ICT & Mobility business with over 20 years of industry experience.

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