Mathworks Expo 2018 , Bangalore edition insights.

Bangalore :  19th April 2018 is a big day for Mathworks  which hosted Matlab expo 2018 in Bangalore, as hundreds of techies are gone crazy to attend to witness and learn the emerging technologies in AI. Mathworks is focussing on Making AI easy and accessible to engineers and scientists in the areas of computer vision and image processing, automated driving, robotics, data analytics, predictive maintenance and IOT.

The key message from this expo is that Matlab makes AI easy and accessible for engineering and science which integrates with everything else and Matlab AI deploys to both cloud and embedded

Mathworks is a global company headquarted in Natick, MA, USA and spread over USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific  with $900M in revenues in 2017 with over 4000+ employees worldwide in 31 offices with an user base of over 3 Million

Mathworks is accelerating the pace of engineering and science with Matlab and Simlink which are designed for Embedded system development, Engineering education, Aircraft and missile guidance systems, Control system design, Communications system design, Earth sciences, Engineering research, Robotics, online trading systems, System optimization, Computational biology

They have deep roots in education having their presence in over 5000 universities where greater than 1000 schools provide Mathworks software to everyone on campus. 1800 books were there based on Matlab and Simulink. Mathworks supports research, fellowships, student competitions and curriculum development.

Jeff Corn, Chief of engineering projects section of U.S. Air Force says that…

“Everyone who comes in as a new hire already knows MATLAB, because they all had it in college”

Mathworks has got customers in Aerospace and defense, Automotive, Biotech and pharmaceutical, Communications, Education, Electronics and semiconductors, Energy production, Financial services, Industrial automation and machinery, Medical devices, Neuroscience, Semiconductors, software and Internet.

Few of the use cases are…

DENSO develops a predictive energy management system to minimize home energy costs  by developing predictive model with statistics and machine learning toolbox and integrating this with detailed simulations of home energy systems developed with Simulink and Simscape power systems

ISONEA developed an acoustic respiratory monitoring system for wheeze detection and asthama management by capturing 30 seconds of windpipe sound and processing the data locally to clean up and reduce ambient noise . Invoking spectral processing and pattern detection analytics for wheeze detection on Isonea server in the cloud which then provides feedback to the patient on their smartphone

SAFRAN developed a predictive engine health monitoring system to optimize aircraft maintenance scheduling by creating an environment to design and develop health monitoring algorithms and integrating those with the real time analytics with enterprise service systems and predict sub system performance like oil, fuel, liftoff, mechanical health and controls

The key Spokespeople for the success of this event are …

Michelle Hirsch, MathworksTechnical Manager, MathWorks India

Michelle Hirsch is the head of MATLAB Product Management at MathWorks. Michelle and her team partner with the development leads to drive the strategy and direction for MATLAB

Sunil Motwani, Industry Director, MathWorks India

Sunil Motwani is working as Industry Director at MathWorks India office managing sales related activities for commercial customers in India.

Prashant Rao, Technical Manager, MathWorks India

 Prashant Rao is a technical manager at MathWorks India. He leads a team of customer-facing engineers encompassing the application engineering, pilot engineering, and customer training roles. By applying industry and application expertise across numerous domains, Prashant and his team work with customers to enable the adoption of MATLAB and Simulink products for technical computing and Model-Based Design.

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