IoT Next for the third time at Bangalore on the 8 & 9th of November 2017

India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA), in association with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Bangalore, is organizing the third edition of IoT Next Themed “Beyond the Hype: Pilots to Scale”, aimed at IoT (Internet of Things) leaders, practitioners and ecosystem enablers. The Global Summit scheduled on  November 8 – 9, 2017 at Park Plaza, Bangalore will focus on the opportunities and challenges from practitioners’ viewpoint, learning from the pilots and challenges in terms of full scale deployment. We will deep dive into market verticals and horizontal enabling technologies and also explore fresh thinking, breakthroughs and leapfrogging that India could do moving forward.
In the last 2 years, IoT Next has grown both in quality and number of participants and has turned out to be a “Must Attend” event by IoT practitioners and enthusiasts making it the top IoT event in India with international attendees. IoT Next 2015 focused on the emerging possibilities of Digital Transformation with Internet of Things (IoT). IoT Next 2016 focused on the realities on the ground, the ongoing pilots, going beyond just connected devices and highlighting the edge node security concerns in partnership with the CISO platform.

Agenda @ IoT Next 2017
The IoT Next 2017 global summit will showcase sessions on Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0, IoT Analytics & AI, IoT Security, Transportation, E-mobility & IoT enabled Logistics along with IoTNext 2017 awards. The summit aims to promote and support startups and entrepreneurs in fabless semiconductor and electronic products in the sphere of IoT or connected devices. Globally renowned delegates from the industry, academia and research along with high-potential startups, young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are expected to be enriching the two-day extravaganza. We will also be releasing our IoT startup directory this year with over 800+ IoT startups in India with top 50+ showcasing their products at the Summit.

Topics for IoT Next 2017
IoT Artificial Intelligence and Analytics
Digitization of the real world is proceeding at an astounding pace. IoT sensors are starting to generate this immense dataset which is the fodder for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Analytics to reach new heights. Contextual data based on ambient knowledge is transforming and optimizing all facets of life, be it self-driving car, self optimizing supply chain or a completely automated factory. Come and hear the ‘IoT Analytics and Artificial Intelligence’ session at IoT Next that will discuss the state of affairs and the possibilities, not just about the technology and markets, but also have debates and discussions on critical topics like ownership of data, edge analytics and privacy issues.

Transportation, E-Mobility and Logistics
Investments are happening globally to make transportation, mobility and logistics more efficient and effective. India’s creaky logistics ecosystem which has been fueled recently by ecommerce has made rapid technology enablement to match demand and supply to improve efficiency and several well funded IoT startups have emerged. Improving efficiency in mass transportation, be it with GPS enabled buses and Apps or bringing in Hyperloop and the Japanese bullet train in select cities is the future of India. E-Mobility is chartering an aggressive course in many countries with India now on a national mission to go all electric vehicles by 2030. Come and hear from the experts on the new wave of technology enabled transportation infrastructure, how India plans to chart its course on 2030 E-Mobility mission and IoT enabled Logistics that would be making cities Greener, more Productive and Safer, the ultimate goal for
smart cities.

Industrial IoT
While consumer IoT has got the press and the money in recent years, the Industrial segment of IoT is starting to make the biggest impact. Several industries are being transformed with IoT, business models are changing from capex to opex and Product-as-a-Service is the new business model today rather than just an equipment sale. Come and hear from the practitioners on the state of affairs of Industrial IoT, the challenges they faced during the pilots, the challenges of IoT security in an industrial setting and the importance of edge analytics without sending all the data to the cloud. We will learn from the IoT experts on the larger deployments that are happening now across manufacturing, oil & gas, smart grid and other sub verticals of Industrial IoT globally. We also plan to have a debate and discussion on the
standardization efforts on Industrial IoT.

IoT Security
Any connected IoT device, be it a gadget, building or a city exposes itself to hackers and cybersecurity threats are growing exponentially globally. There are different ways of attacking the problem – use existing cyber security frameworks and approaches to secure the IoT end nodes, or think like the hackers and get more offensive in terms of going after them to shut down their networks more akin to how security in the physical world works. Machine detection, anomaly detection and machine level co-relation are areas of active experimentation ongoing to secure, identify and quarantine IoT devices. The security task force of IoTForum has a new and fresh  approach to IoT security especially for the areas that are critical in nature and of national level importance. Come and hear from the experts in the trenches on the latest hacks and how companies are trying to address and plug the threats. Debate and discuss how ‘IoT Security’ needs a fresh thinking which will be discussed in partnership with the CISO Platform.

  • Innovation showcase and IoT Awards
    IoT Next 2017 will showcase the top innovative startups from India. The IoT Awards this year are focused on the following categories in line with the theme of IoT Next 2017.
    Safe Nation : Surveillance, Cyber Security, Physical security, resource protection, critical/national infrastructure
    New age Mobility :  Drones, under water robots, autonomous vehicles, e-vehicle technologies, flying taxis, fleet management, logistics efficiency, Battery technologies, charging stations etc.
    AI / ML in IoT  :  Edge analytics, automation, predictive/ prescriptive analytics, Robotics, Vision, Gesture and Speech etc.
    Industrial IoT  :  Decentralised power, storage, renewable, smart manufacturing, smart grid etc.
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