IoT and AR work together to solve these 3 issues

• IoT (Internet of Things) gathers real-time data, while AR (Augumented Reality) helps us visualize an IoT connected environment. Now, the power of IoT and AR together, helps us visualize data from the IoT connected devices via a virtual representation.

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain

Imagine a company that deals in equipment production and management. For developing any new equipment, the company invests a lot of its capital and other resources. Now, what if during the production, equipment breaks down due to some technical glitch? And this is quite probable if the company does not identify the vulnerabilities in its manufacturing set up, at the right time. However, with the help of IoT, the company can gather real-time data on the condition of each equipment. While analyzing the IoT data, if the company identifies any faults, then by using AR the company can simulate the faulty area for a closer inspection. Such is the power of IoT and AR together.

The power of IoT and AR

Here are three significant ways in which the integration of IoT and AR will help companies address their concerns:

1.  Eliminate technical faults in industrial equipment

Imagine you are a project manager. You are walking down an aisle, where several types of equipment and machines are working alongside How will you determine the lifespan of each of these equipment and machines? How will you examine the inconspicuous technical problems with these machines? Physically monitoring the machines will not provide you with fair insights. Now, imagine that these machines were embedded with sensors and cameras. The IoT-connected machines will generate data about their condition in real-time. With data analytics, you can analyze the IoT data, which will help you take appropriate decisions regarding the maintenance of the machines. Now, combine the power of the embedded IoT sensors with AR headsets, and you can get information on every machine’s health by simply looking at the machine. For example, while wearing the AR headsets, if you incline your head towards a specific machine, you will obtain the in-depth information about that machine via a virtual overlay.

2.  Simplify the complex analysis of IoT data

U.S. is facing drought issues, and so the farmers there should smartly utilize water, with negligible wastage. Farmers should capitalize on IoT and incorporate sensors in their field and water pumps. By doing so, farmers will get real-time data on the moisture level of the soil, climatic conditions, the status of the crop, and the performance of the water pumps. But, analyzing such data manually is not only complicated but also technically impossible. With AR headsets, farmers can monitor which area of their farm requires more water. Besides, just by looking at the water pumps, farmers can identify any leakage issues. AR helps farmers to monitor all of this via a simple virtual representation, thereby solving the problem of complex data analysis.

3. Remove the complexity of designing products

If you’re a product designer or know someone who is, you’ll understand how difficult it is to design a product from scratch. With IoT devices everywhere in your customer’s surrounding environment, you can get data on ‘what’ a product should look and feel like, based on your customer’s behavioral patterns. Moving forward, with AR headsets, you can practically visualize the product and make modifications to the ‘already-made’ design via software apps.

We have already seen that the impact of IoT on AR ,and vice-vera, is adding a new path for disruption in the world of digitization. It is impressive to see how the two modern-age technologies, IoT and AR, are effectively combined to help companies solve all their business issues altogether.

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