India Hot Digital Skills Inventory and Hiring Demand

Han Digital has tracked and outlined the digital talent landscape, technologies and skills pan India.

  • Around 65% of Fortune IT and enterprise companies are investing heavily and spending more on digital initiatives
  • 7 out of every 10 large IT services companies and global in-house /captives have established or spun off their digital capability into a digital CoE / digital labs

Bengaluru, IndiaJuly 31, 2018  :   Han Digital Solution (P) Ltd., (Han Digital), is a company focusing on talent consulting including talent market trends, attrition studies, compensation & benefits trends, diversity inclusion and talent mobility. It recently concluded series of exercise on hiring trends – “2018 India ITBPM Hiring Outlook”, “Hot Trading Skills: 2018” both studies that help leaders to understand the talent demand-supply among hot technology skills and make incisive hiring decisions.

Nascent Digital Technology Demand

The digital technology workforce in India currently stands at 5 Lakhs and brings a revenue in the range of $22bln$25bln annually which grows YoY 30%. Based on the potential talent supply and demand, we see about 74% of the digital workforce concentrated across BangaloreDelhi / NCR, Puneand Hyderabad.

Han Digital research identified Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data / Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) / NLP, DevOps, IoT, RPA, UI/UX and FullStack are the top hot demanding skills which are in a hiring spree right now in India. Over 1,50,000 talent pool available across these hot digital skills in India, but talent demand is growing at 26% upwards. Interestingly in excess of 20% of the talent outflow from US and European locations moving to India for expat role, home country return and to new ventures, etc.

With increasing Global in-house center (GIC) set up in India brings as many as mid-senior digital technology role play to cities like BangaloreHyderabadPune and Delhi/NCR. Especially Banking and product captives attract many leadership roles in India, to drive and execute strategies covering digital products & innovations, capability development, and growth plans. We could see in excess of 850 Chief Digital Officers (CDO) already available in India, with more than 200 roles are in demand as story,” said Saran, CEO & Founder of Han Digital.

Digital Technologies Penetration and Readiness :

The digital technologies penetration was studied across 4 major type of talent segment in India as follows:

I. IT / BPO Services : 140+ companies; 66% of the disruptive skills available in top large 15 services companies with top cities like BangaloreDelhi/NCR, Pune and Chennai which contributes 62% of the talent.

II. Global in-house Center (GIC) : 52+ GIC ; 65% disruptive skills available in 18 technology  with top cities like locations BangalorePune and Delhi/NCR which contributes 70% of the talent.

III. Product Captives :  52+ product captives; 72% of disruptive skill available in 16 software product captives with top cities like BangaloreHyderabad and Delhi / NCR which contributes 76% of the talent.

IV. Technology Startups & Digital Agencies :  156+ Startups & specialized digital agencies; 40% of disruptive skill available in 25 companies with top cities like Bangalore and Delhi / NCR contain 79% of the talent.

While Digital transformation has disrupted for the past 3-4 years, businesses are aligning themselves to these changes very rapidly. Industry gone through the state of panic, fear, denial the current state of acceptance for the new age technologies and digital era.

It is now we have to prepare and manage the industry transformation changes, on acquiring new digital skills and strive to stay more relevant to the current job requisites and the long-term impact on jobs demands. About 50% of every job demands from large system integrators look for digital skill mix in the last 12 months in India,” said Jayaram, Partner, Han Digital

Almost all Industry leaders and are trying to reduce the Digital talent gap, so as get the competitive advantage among their peers and which in rationally will not hinder the digital transformational Initiative which them future ready.

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