IESA and Keysight Join to Discuss Evolving Dynamics of 5G

Focus on Standards, Products, Design and Test Challenges

Bengaluru, October 24, 2018 : The India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) and Keysight Technologies joined hands to create a Thought Leadership Platform (TLF) on the various dynamics of 5G – the next big wave which is forging its way ahead.

5G technology has the potential for ushering a major societal transformation in India by enabling a rapid expansion of the role of information technology across manufacturing, educational, healthcare, agricultural, financial and social sectors. India must embrace this opportunity by deploying 5G networks early, efficiently, and pervasively, as well as emerge as a significant innovator and technology supplier at the global level.

5G technologies, beginning 2019, will enter gradually and advance to a full range of services by 2024. By acting early to embrace the 5G opportunity, India can accelerate the 5G dividend and potentially also become an innovator in 5G applications.

Speaking at the Thought Leadership Forum, Anil Kumar Muniswamy, Chairman, IESA, said, “IESA is elated to create a platform with Keysight Technologies and share insights about the 5G evolution in India. The intent of such forums is to facilitate interactions between indigenous products, designs, solutions and user experiences both within Industry and the Government. The economic impact of 5G implementation is 1 Trillion USD between 2020 and 2030 and it is a huge opportunity for Indian companies to capitalise on this opportunity. IESA has also been proactive in leveraging and building platforms for new technologies and with the advent of 5G technology, India should not miss this opportunity. IESA will support both the Industry and Government to make this a reality.”

Sudhir Tangri, Country General Manager & Vice President at Keysight Technologies, stated that Keysight has ventured very early in the field of 5G. He said, “5G is the next big paradigm shift in communication technology. To cater to this revolution, Keysight, as the market leader in electronic instrumentation, will continue to develop and deliver rugged 5G test solutions.”

Sandeep Kapoor, Head of Marketing at Keysight Technologies spoke about 5G opening new doors to exciting applications in autonomous driving, broadband fixed wireless, Internet of Things, and augmented reality. He mentioned, “Keysight is committed to being at the leading edge of the technology curve. We have provided our customers a much needed first mover advantage with our cutting edge 5G technology test platforms.”

The forum showcased speakers from Mediatek, Intel and Samsung talk about key technical concepts and current states of 5G as well as the challenges and opportunities of this technology. Akshay Aggarwal, Director – Technology, Mediatek, spoke on 5G New Radio Motivation, Design, Deployment Options & Challenges; Madhusudana Raghupatruni, Senior Architect and Technologist, Intel shared his insights on wireless backhaul & spectrum and Manjunath Nanjundappa, Senior Tech Manager, Samsung Electronics spoke on the used cases.

5G services go well beyond those of prior generation mobile networks. 5G will additionally also connect myriad of new devices including machines, sensors, actuators, vehicles, robots and drones. India as a country, can benefit greatly from 5G, as it will enable the nation to leapfrog traditional barriers to development. 5G will also advance reach and utility of the ‘Digital India’ campaign and allied missions.

As per the India 5G Market (2018-2025) by Research and Markets, 5G connection in India is expected to generate approximately USD 20Bn revenue for telecom companies by 2025. This is because India mobile companies are looking forward to providing high HD premium videos to their users by embracing 5G networks. With the adoption of 5G, India is expected to boost the AR and VR market 5G networks can provide a million connections within a square kilometer, becoming critical for companies who are working within the AR and VR segments.

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