Here’s why work culture is more important for mid-size tech companies

• Medium-sized tech companies are striving hard to compete with tech behemoths. To gain a competitive edge, they should primarily understand the importance of corporate culture and establish an exceptional environment for their organization.

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain

‘Corporate culture’ can make or break any organization. One bad hire can lead to a large fall in the labor productivity graph, which will negatively impact the organization. Hence, every tech company’s prime focus is to hire a candidate who is talented, experienced, skillful, and has excellent interpersonal skills. But, picking only ‘top-quality’ candidates out of thousands of job seekers is a difficult job in itself. These high-quality candidates are, most of the times, hired by larger players of the industry. So, what if you are a midsize company or a startup? How will you attract, recruit, and retain quality candidates? What is the best solution? Wait. We have one solution for all the queries. What you ask? Well, the answer is, create an attractive, good, and employee-centric work culture environment for your organization. Are you amazed at the solution? If yes, check out this blog post, you will get a clear idea on the importance of corporate culture and the need for it, for sure.

The importance of corporate culture in mid-size companies

If you make your company an excellent place to work, then it will attract highly-skillful candidates. It is obvious that new-generation job seekers are looking for a job that provides them money (goes without saying) and, most importantly, a friendly and empathetic environment in the workplace. Who will not love to work in an environment that allows them to spend quality time with their family and friends? Imagine: your organization offers you exciting opportunities like work from home, a stipend for shelter or transport, flexible work schedules, ESOPs or profit-sharing as a bonus, insurance policies for you and your family, and coupons for company products. You get to spend more time with your kids, elderly parents, and friends, while allowing you to make lots of money. That’s cool, right? Providing such attractive opportunities will, undoubtedly, attract prospective candidates, retain employees, and build a bond of loyalty. Keeping your employees happy will automatically increase the organization’s productivity levels, enhance economic growth, and attain success in meeting innovation.

A guideline for creating an exceptional corporate culture

Now that you know the importance of the corporate culture, it’s the time to create one for your organization. Let’s give you a brief on how to create a passionate corporate culture.

  • Be empathetic to your employees.
  • Allow employees to study and enhance their skill sets while working on other projects.
  • Invest in employee skill development.
  • Schedule flexible working hours for employees.
  • Examine your competitors and their work culture environment.
  • Implement your competitors’ work culture too for successful outcomes.
  • Build a transparent relationship between employees to discuss problems and issues openly.

Inculcating such an inclusive work culture will bolster employees’ bond with seniors, intensify employees’ potential, and buffer the work stress. Such a work culture will create a smart workspace, which will in turn, boost employee engagement, productivity, and faithfulness. A happy employee with a happy mind will serve the best to clients, thereby improving the customer service and driving the economic growth.

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