GIIS Chinchwad Shares Career Direction in Physics With Students

• The principal of the school, Dr. Amrita Vohra says that the study of Physics helps students gain more in-depth and specialized knowledge

PUNE, IndiaJanuary 31, 2019 : The study of Physics has brought about invention of so many vital theories such as ‘Big Bang theory’, ‘Quantum theory’ and ‘Theories of relativity’ which have played a pivotal role in development of key innovations – including TV, radio, laser, computer technology, Nuclear weapons and DNA. If it wasn’t for Physicists, the modern world would not have been variously known as the Space Age or the Atomic Age. The various skills that studying physics develops are useful far beyond the lab, and are valued in a vast range of careers. GIIS Chinchwad is keenly focusing on the study of Physics for their students beyond the classroom.

The study of Physics helps the student gain more in-depth and specialized knowledge, in order to prepare them to work effectively in the field they choose. At Global Indian International School, Chinchwad, utmost care is taken to help encourage an affinity for learning physics in students. Be it any topic of Physics, at GIIS, understanding starts with the concept first and then the definition is explained to make the comprehending simpler.

Dr. Amrita Vohra, Principal, GIIS Chinchwad, commented saying, “We use real-world examples to stir students’ personal interests and discuss broader concepts before diving into the nitty-gritty of it. In order to build students’ interests and keep their natural curiosity heightened, at GIIS, activities related to motion and light are conducted and demonstrated in an open space of the school premises. Experiments are done in groups, such that it allows groups to do the investigation rather than the entire class together, and it gives more structure and space to the discussion.”

When deciding a career in Physics, the key aspects that one should consider are the combined areas of study that is enjoyed and the practical applications that interests the students. As Physics forms the basis for many disciplines such as electromagnetism, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, and increasingly commercial ones, one can go into almost any industry and field of work.

Whether students want to explore space, matter, time or other intriguing elements of the physical world, he/she don’t need to be the descendants of Einstein or a certified genius in order to decipher physics. Students just need a good grasp of scientific principles, a very strong head for numbers and a keen interest in discoveries relating to the physical world to make contribution in this field.

Potential areas of specialization in Physics include particle physics, astrophysics, biotechnology, meteorology, nanotechnology, condensed matter theory, quantum dynamics, applied physics, plasma physics, aerospace dynamics, atomic and laser physics, atmospheric, oceanic and planetary physics, and climate science.

Career in Physics spreads across many different industries – including education, aerospace industries, automotive, defence, healthcare, Computing and IT, technology and the public sector. GIIS lays greater emphasis on the physical sciences because tomorrow’s citizens – the young people of today – need to understand and cope with the world in which they will live. Citizens of the future must more than ever before be scientifically literate.

A lot of students want to take up Physics as a major in their undergrads based on scores and grades. While universities often pay much attention to GRE scores, grades, letter of recommendation and undergraduate research, supporting skills such as math and computer programming are also important to inculcate. Communication skills are very critical in writing and preparing research documents.

At GIIS, students are encouraged in pursuing theoretical and experimental learning to try as many math courses and lab experiences which helps in developing strategies, especially during workforce. As it is truly a time of ferment and change in science education, our school curriculum tries best to keep pace with the changing knowledge and make the educational process worthwhile by adequately preparing students to cope with the continuous advances being made in science and technology.

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