Digital assistants are here to help musicians in these 3 ways

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain

• Keeping in mind the ‘treble’ they have in keeping up with responsibilities that come with a constantly traveling job, virtual assistants for musicians are saving the day by efficiently handling all activities ranging from paperwork to PR.

From the morning’s weather report to ordering dinner at night, every activity that we perform can be simplified with digital assistance. Evolved from Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri, digital/virtual assistants are revolutionizing the way technology assists man in simple everyday tasks. While these assistants aid with the customary generalities, there are exclusively developed virtual assistants for musicians to help them simplify their lives no matter where they are – on the road, in the studio, or on the stage.

Advantages of virtual assistants for musicians

Working artists and musicians are always on the move. So, single-handedly managing home and work can get cumbersome. There are agents, managers, and publicists to lend a helping hand in running both, the personal chores and the professional responsibility. However, virtual assistants have the upper hand over manual labor in seamlessly and accurately maneuvering between all these tasks. Thus, these assistants, exclusively programmed for the music industry, are helping artists focus on the art while taking care of all the back-end duties of documentation and organization of their professional and personal life.

1.   Handling documentation

Artists deal with new business prospects every day. It might be signing an entire album with a music company, working on a single track with a movie, or partnering with another band for a gig. All these jobs require extensive documentation of the contract and the financial details of the deal. Not only this, but musicians must also keep track of the inbound payments from multiple sources. All these incomes can be smoothly managed with a digital assistant based on the blockchain technology. These assistants employ smart contracts to self-execute and self-enforce the terms and conditions, thus, automating and keeping track of every transaction in an organized manner.

2.   Organizing music tours

Planning and arranging for concerts or gigs requires a great deal of paperwork and meticulous outlining. Right from booking the dates to finding a venue, to booking hotels for the troupe to stay, to booking flights for travel throughout the concert, everything can be seamlessly achieved with virtual assistants. With a few necessary details, these AI-based assistants scout the Internet for relevant results, filter them as per the user’s requirements and complete the transaction while the troupe can prepare for the tour.

3.   Managing social media

Another important aspect that technology helps the media industry with is to be in constant touch with social media followers. But, keeping up with various social media platforms today can be hectic. Virtual assistants can be linked with the social media accounts to post updates on the Internet regularly. These assistants run their clustering algorithms that determine the best times for content to go up. This strategy helps an artist not only in interacting with their followers but also optimizes and boosts their visibility for PR management. Assistants can also help with updating the website and keeping track of its analytics.

Future of virtual assistants in the music industry

Virtual assistants are a ripple in the wave of automation. It is expected that these machines will ‘grow up’ to take over complicated tasks with a simple set of instructions. Till that happens, they will be employed in carrying out these tasks within minutes of rapid calculation and knowledge reasoning. But, it is not far in the future when we will see these virtual assistants even providing musicians with insights on the trending genres of music and what they can do to make their music more appealing!

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