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• Taking care of our loved ones has always been our priority, isn’t it? The present-day disruptive technologies play a significant role in revolutionizing home security, thereby making our job easier.

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin

Works in Big Data,IoT , AI and Blockchain

It is quite shocking to know that in the US burglary happens every 13 seconds. Due to this reason, security personnel are under tremendous strain to revolutionize home security. The organizations providing home security are investing a significant amount of money in finding an appropriate solution to this stressful issue. If we believe the sources, it is expected that the home security market will reach up to 47.5 billion US dollars by 2020. With the aim to keep you, your family, and your house secure, the home security providers are now incorporating new, smart, and innovative technologies to build highly effective security systems.

Why revolutionizing home security is important

Over the past several years, we are using various techniques to safeguard ourselves from the cruel activity of intruders. Guards, dogs, and CCTV cameras are few security methods that we have been using for this. Additionally, few tech enthusiasts are incorporating simplistic sensors for their home security, that alarm them if anything unintended occurs.

Solely trusting guards and dogs with your life is a bad option. We also set up cameras to record all the activities happening around our house. But are these cameras enough? What if intruders destroy the cameras or hack them? What if attackers delete the recorded videos or any other relevant footage?. Installing CCTV cameras does not provide full-proof results, and are highly vulnerable to attacks. Due to these reasons, it has become almost mandatory to revolutionize home security systems such that the risk of vandalism taking place reduces drastically.

How AI will help in revolutionizing home security

Introducing AI in home security will improve the quality of surveillance, thereby providing us complete security and safety from intruders. The previous security systems, that included sensors for detecting people entering the house, sometimes trigger false alarms. No doubt, IoT holds promise in providing strong security methods, and many companies are transforming businesses with IoT. But due to the disadvantage of false alarms, IoT’s utility is still not convincing. And so enters AI.

AI model can recognize exactly ‘who’ has entered your house. When your family, friends, or people who are known to you enter your house, AI will automatically understand that there are no dangers. On the other hand, AI can also recognize unfamiliar faces, their moves, and their sounds. AI security systems can alert you in real-time, while recording the activity that is happening. Hence, with the help of AI, people can obtain the right insights on intruder actions. Besides, the AI can contact the police, notify them about the situation, and prevent a mishap.

Handing the security responsibility of your house to the modern-age technology, AI, is an excellent choice. The technology offers an active, capable, and reliable security method, helping you live freely and safely.

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