Building trust in the recruitment industry with Blockchain Technology

By Naveen Joshi – Founder and CEO of Allerin (

Works in Big Data, IoT , AI and Blockchain.

Building trust in the recruitment industry with the help of a decentralized blockchain-based network means offering a trusted ledger, which can validate applicants resumes, evaluation scores, and their skills.

Blockchain that first made its entry in the financial sector is now gaining popularity across various industries, where the recruitment industry is no exception. The recruitment industry is adopting blockchain to address some of critical issues that it has been facing so far.

As employees are the real asset in any organization, choosing the right candidates is a recruiter’s topmost priority. As the demand for niche talent is growing, recruiters are turning to technology for help. The technological disruption in recruitment, which started with the introduction of professional networking sites and job boards, is only going to escalate with blockchain. But, with the rising role of technology in recruitment, concerns about data security and reputation management are also surfacing. Building trust in the recruitment industry is, therefore, essential. And blockchain has got the recruitment industry’s back in this regard.

Challenges faced by the recruitment industry

With the rise in advanced technologies, the recruitment industry is seeing a shift from the traditional paper-based recruitment process to an e-recruitment approach. But, there are several issues that the recruitment industry faces with e-recruitment. One such concern is confidentiality and security of candidate data. Since applicants upload their CVs online, there are high chances that the resumes getting duplicated. If this happens, the time and effort invested by a recruiter to find the right candidate will go wasted.

Besides, recruiters have to undertake thorough verification of a candidate’s educational documents, their past medical records, and certificates. The process of data verification is lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming, as recruiters have to scan through each document minutely.

Blockchain to build trust in the recruitment industry

Blockchain offers a decentralized network, where candidate resumes can be uploaded. Not just that, even information like open positions, job descriptions, expected CTC, and employer details too can be saved on the network. As blockchain provides a trusted, validated, and secure keeper of digital assets, the recruitment industry can save their time, efforts, and resources wasted in viewing a fake profile. Besides, blockchain eliminates the labor-intensive scanning of documents. With blockchain, recruiters can validate the authenticity of documents, such as work experience certificates, medical records, tax data, educational certificates, and several others.

The recruitment industry requires exactly what blockchain offers – reduced recruiting cost and trustworthy candidate data. It is impressive that there are blockchain-based networking sites already in the market, helping the recruiters carry out trustworthy validation of candidate documents. A few years from now, we might see blockchain-based recruitment apps. These apps will help new-age recruiters in identifying qualified candidates in no time, and candidates to trust such apps enough to be able to share classified information about themselves, without having to worry.

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