Biometric as a Service – Increasing Concern About Data Security And Growing Prevalence of Identity Theft

“Biometric as a Service Market is mainly driven by increasing demand for fingerprint identification to gain access in smartphones and other smart gadgets has positively impacted”

Biometrics technology is used for identification and authentication of people with the help of their biological and behavioral characteristics. Biometric systems provide the solution to ensure that the rendered services are accessed only by a legitimate user and no one else. They can be defined as a ubiquitous technology that can be used in high definition cameras primarily for facial recognition, and microphones for voice capturing purposes.

The specially-designed units that can be customized to scan the vein patterns beneath the skin are also biometric sensors. Some key attributes of biometric sensors include fast verification and identification. Biometric sensors are breakthrough technology, which weed out various security-related issues from different domains.

“Technological advancements coupled with rising demand for biometric technology in commercial centers, automotive, consumer electronics, and defense and security among other sectors are offering great opportunities for major players in the biometric sensors market. In today’s technological era, enterprises and consumers alike are rapidly embracing the shift toward a social and mobile era”.

As more enterprises adopt a faster, more efficient, “on-the-go” business approach, portable mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks are poised to become powerful tools for conducting everyday business transactions for users working in a multi-device and location-independent environment.

Behavioral biometrics assesses uniquely identifying and measurable patterns of human traits, including characteristics such as voice, gait, and typing rhythms. Based on application, the biometric as a service market can be bifurcated into mobile banking, payments, and authentication, identity proofing and credentialing, law enforcement and border control, civil identity and elections, and workforce management. By deployment type, the biometric as a service market can be classified into cloud and on-premises.

In terms of industry, the biometric as a service market is divided into government, banking and finance, consumer electronics, healthcare, defense services, commercial safety and security, home safety and security, transport/ visa/ logistics, and others.

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