Artificial Intelligence helps to dress like a Bollywood star

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology recognizing clothes and beauty-items in the photos on the Internet started its work in India. 

Gurgaon, India :  Sarafan Artificial Intelligence engine was launched in the India market. Sarafan.AI is a new technology identifying clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty items in photographs on the Internet. Sarafan recognizes products and selects counterparts in webstores. All search results are displayed in the widget right under the images. With the help of the Sarafan widget users can quickly find and purchase a dress like Priyanka Chopra wears, or even gangster Don’s costume from the movie “Don”.

Sarafan.AI is a self-learning Artificial Intelligence technology based on the Microsoft cloud platform. It uses computer vision and can recognize more than 20 thousand individual clothing and beauty products attributes, including hundreds of styles, images, and textures.  The search speed for the 20 million image database takes 1 ms.  Sarafan.AI continuously learns and perfects itself: the quality of its image recognition is constantly improving and the results are becoming increasingly accurate.  There is only one thing to do for the website visitors – to click on the look he/she likes and to enjoy online shopping.

With the Sarafan technology fashion brands have an opportunity to create native advertising campaigns in online media and to attract targeted traffic: those users who follow the link in the widget are interested in a particular product and are ready to buy. Nowadays more than 350 fashion brands and online stores use Sarafan advertising tools, hundreds of them work in India.

For media — Sarafan is an added way of monetization. The widget can be added to any website. Depending on the traffic, it is able to monetize photo content on the CPC, CPA and CPM models. More than 300 sites all around the world have already installed the Sarafan widget. In India, the online version of the fashion magazine Shilpa Ahuja was the first who tested on new technology. According to Sarafan Technology Inc. CEO Andrey Korkhov, the widget does not come across as advertising when integrated into the media. Focus groups showed that the service is perceived as native content – as a part of the website.

About Sarafan Technology Inc.   :  Sarafan Technology Inc. was founded in New York in 2018.  “Sarafan.AI” technology has been developing since 2016. Company head quarter is located in New York.  Sarafan Technology have branches in London (Great Britain), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Gurgaon (India). Sarafan.AI is an Artificial Intelligence engine that recognizes fashion and beauty products in photos and selects counterparts in web shops.

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