AI and Analytics Will Make its Presence Felt Across Sectors in 2019

BENGALURU, December 24, 2018 : As the year draws to a close, Analytics India Magazine in collaboration with AnalytixLabs summarise the key technology trends in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence that will shape the future of enterprises in 2019. As organisations continue to tap into data to gain a competitive advantage, the usage of AI, analytics and machine learning will grow and open up new avenues for enterprises. The next wave of transformation will be through the integration of cloud with AI, analytics and machine learning. Furthermore, as big data and analytics gets integrated with machine learning and AI, it will help enterprises get ahead and improve business processes.

More Industries Will Utilise Analytics & AI in a Big Way: As analytics and AI take a front seat in IT setups, enterprises in 2019 and beyond will continue to focus on advanced solutions to deliver better customer experiences

Real time analytics will become a key disruptor : In 2019, organisations increase their spending on real-time analytics and becomes the key to unlocking customer insights. Real-time analytics will help companies unify their analytics life cycle and gain an edge from data to discovery and deployment.

Investments in Enterprise-grade data infrastructure, platforms & cloud will increase: As enterprises make the shift from legacy infrastructure to cloud-first, we will see an increased AI-cloud interdependency and leading cloud giants will pursue an AI-lock in approach by providing open source AI-related services. 2019 will also witness the growth of big data platforms, especially in SMBs.

AI-driven personalisation will be on a rise: As artificial intelligence makes it presence felt across the sectors, AI-driven personalization will become the key to deliver customised communications and services. The trend is gaining ground in fintech in India where we are heading towards a world of ultra-personalisation with pre-loaded EMI cards offering personalized interest rates.

Voice & AI assistants are the future: 2019 will be the year when conversational AI and digital voice assistants will dominate the IT landscape and will help businesses build intelligent services. As this trend also percolates in our daily lives, virtual assistants will be able to make more contextual and back and forth conversations.

Bhaskar Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Analytics India Magazine, said, “What we are witnessing is a shift in organizational structure and mindset with top leaders understanding the need for the right technology and right infrastructure. A key trend emerging will be most applications developed will have some form of AI capability embedded in it. Also, from what we have observed in the last few years is that analytics maturity has risen significantly amongst businesses and the scope of adoption of AI will further expand in sectors like education and healthcare.”

Sumeet Bansal, CEO & Co-founder, AnalytixLabs, said, “We believe 2019 will be the year when the AI revolution goes mainstream. It is really exciting that trends emerged from this research report resonates with our perspective and in a way reassure that investments we have made in the field of AI and Deep Learning will enable us to deliver significant value to our clients. Hope you enjoy reading this report and find it insightful.”

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