ABI Research’s New Hot Tech Innovators Report Identifies Companies Accelerating Adoption of AI in Video

ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, examined the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in video and highlighted some of the hot tech innovators in the space. From content creation through distribution, companies are rapidly moving to AI and Machine Learning (ML) to create efficiencies and maximize value throughout video workflows. In doing so, AI/ML is helping operators and content producers better compete and adjust to a changing content landscape, while simultaneously opening the door for more companies to participate in the video market.

“While the big four—Amazon/AWS, Google, IBM Watson, and Microsoft—deservedly garner a significant amount of attention, the diversity of companies leveraging AI within the video space is remarkable, especially considering how quickly the technology has shifted from a hot topic to actual solutions and deployment. In truth, AI has a longer history in the market, but its adoption has certainly accelerated within this past year and will continue to do so moving forward,” commented Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst at ABI Research.

On the core video side, companies like Nagra, TiVo, and ThinkAnalytics are employing AI to gain valuable insights into subscribers, reduce churn, and maximize revenue potential, while others like Irdeto and Synamedia are working to protect investments and revenue potential by targeting piracy or credential sharing. This facet of the market expands well beyond the normal video players and in some ways, there is a new wave of video democratization for enterprise and businesses. Companies like Wibbitz, GliaCloud, and Magisto are already working with leading publishers, brands, and businesses, leveraging AI/ML to create and edit video content to enhance existing content, and for applications like training and marketing.

“AI and the automation it can enable might lead some to conclude we are seeing the removal of the human element, but it isn’t a replacement. Rather, AI is helping companies make more informed decisions and engender efficiencies to handle a growing workload while maintaining a high level of performance,” Inouye points out. Valossa, for example, specializes in video compliance using AI to help broadcasters’ and services’ human teams monitor the increasing volumes of video and audio they distribute to ensure it meets set levels of standards and appropriateness. ”As video use and consumption grow, AI is becoming an essential ingredient to help companies meet this demand, particularly if the pervasive screen awaits us in the future,” Inouye concluded.

These findings are from ABI Research’s Artificial Intelligence in Video Hot Tech Innovators report. This report is part of the company’s  Video and Cloud Services research service, which includes research, data, and Executive Foresights. Hot Tech Innovators reports focus on companies at the forefront of transformational innovation, particularly those that are younger and less well-known than the incumbents, at the technological forefront of their markets, developing new business models, destabilizing the current market and prime acquisition targets.

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