7 Ways to Improve Website Branding

• When it comes to website branding, there are a number of factors for you to consider, if you want your visitors to view your brand in a specific way. When a website is well-branded, it increases the value of that company, which in turn leads to more customers.

When it comes to branding, whether it be visual elements, consistent tons, social media activity or something as simple as a font style, it’s crucial that it stands out amongst all its competitors. When implemented with the right strategy, you can expect to see your brand benefit from an improve perception, and credibility.

There is no one rule that you can adopt, when attempting to better present your brand, but there are some elements that are consistent across board. In this article, I will be exploring some of the more simple, yet effective ways that you can improve the branding of your website.

1. Reply to Blog Comments

Once you have successfully created your website, you’ll want to look to increase its authority by responding to legitimate comments left behind by visitors. By doing so, you will be able to showcase to others, your knowledge on the subject matter, while also adding more value to the page.

2. Keep Things Simple

You want to ensure that your site has everything that is needs, and nothing more. If your website has too much excess clutter, it can be a problem. Your customers are not too concerned about how innovative your sites design is, all they care about, is their ability to access the information that they are looking for. So you want your site to be simple, and by doing so, you should enhance its navigation.

Your customers also don’t want to have to wait. So any unnecessary plugins, videos or add-ons, that will make your website load slower, maybe perhaps, be better left out. If your website takes a considerable amount of time to load up, then customers will leave, and look for the information elsewhere. You don’t want that, especially for your brand. 

3. Guest Blog on Websites

Guest blogging is one of the most well-known and powerful methods of building up site authority, as it allows the webmaster to get their name out there. Depending on the kind of website you are posting your content on, the explicit endorsement that you’re getting from the website that has your content on it, can help to enhance your sites brand, quite considerably. 

4. Update Copyright Date

One of the simplest things that you can change on your website that appears on every page is the copyright year. Many people make the mistake of overlooking it, but if I see the copyright date go back to 2010, then I automatically assume the brand is outdated, and that there is little care put into its presence on the internet.

5. Carry out Industry Research

Industry statistics are constantly cited on the various websites out there, this in turn, creates the best opportunity for your business to expand its brand, by carrying out your own industry research. To do this effectively, you’ll want to use a sizeable sample size, which you can either generate from our website or purchase from a market research company. You also want those questions to be well-crafted. Once you have all your answers, you will need to compile this information into a format that makes it engaging and easy to interpret, so that news outlets will pick it up, in turn increasing your sites brand. 

6. Have a Clear Focus

What do you want your customers to do when they’re on your website? What is a conversion, for your website? Is it the purchase of a product, a set appointment, a submitted form?

You need to be clear to your customers about what you are offering, and how it can help or benefit them. You want to have a single goal in mind, so you can concentrate all your effort, on guiding them towards that goal. The branding for your website should be consistent with this objective. If you have too many offers, alternatives or options, it can lead to indecisiveness.

7. Keep Your Social Media Active

One of the most effective ways of trigging customer engagement is through social media. Thus, you want to ensure that your social media accounts are all active. When you display social media widgets on your site, you provide your visitors with an option for receiving updates, in addition to an alternative way to reach out to you, for personal communication.

You want to engage with your visitors, by responding to comments and questions. Make sure your social media account is being regularly updated with new offers, content and information. While it can be rather time consuming, working on your social media presence, in the long run, it has proven to be well worth it.

AUTHOR INFO :  Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website


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