1.60 million Visitors for the revamped Incredible India website in less than two months

The Ministry of Tourism has launched a revamped version of Incredible India website. Since the launch of the revamped website on 14th June 2018, 1.60 million visitors have visited the Incredible India website as on 2ndAugust, 2018, engaging in the immersive experience of India’s spectacular heritage, festivity, spirituality, museums and adventure. The composition of website traffic from the top 5 countries are : Russia (19%), India (12%), UK (10%), US (9%) and Italy (6%).

The website showcases India as a holistic destination, revolving around major experiences, such as, spirituality, heritage, adventure, culture, yoga, wellness and more. The website follows the trends and technologies of international standards, that aims to project India as a “must-visit” destination, among its overseas travellers. It has many useful features to make it more interactive and to provide a deeper engagement to the travellers visiting the website.  The new site now allows the Ministry of Tourism to engage effectively with visitors across Web & Social channels and measure engagement, to deliver real time personalized experiences for each visitor, based on their interest and travel persona. The website also brings online a series of compelling visuals, which will give the user an immersive experience of India’s spectacular heritage, festivity, spirituality, museums and adventure. The website is dynamic and constantly evolving, with new design and theme.

The website is fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.


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